by Frank Coffey –

Washington (eTruePolitics) – Who knew Rod Blagojevich could sing?

R. Kelly for one. Kelly, who shares an attorney with the disgraced former Illinois Governor whose 14-year prison sentence for wire fraud, extortion and bribery and was commuted on Tuesday by president Trump, announced today that he was producing an  R & B album featuring the disgraced politician will now be known as “Blago.”

“Blago’s a huge, soulful talent and needs some bucks,” said Kelly in a formal statement. “And just like me he’s not guilty of nothing.” The Chicago natives are longtime friends who often share stories about their indictments. “Always lots to talk about,” joked  R.Kelly in an interview.

Kelly is under Federal indictment for trafficking in pornography with under-age girls.

During his political career Blagojevich, a former Cook County assistant State’s Attorney and Illinois State Assemblyman, had been a strong advocate of tougher sentencing laws, a position, according to R. Kelly the former governor is now reconsidering.  “Yeah, no,” said Kelly. “He’s rethinking that shit.

Blago would be a great new governor,” added Kelly, who noted the next Illinois governor’s election is in “two short years.”

For his part Blago denied he would return to the political ring. “I’m a full-time singer,” Blago declared. “People say I sound a lot like James Brown and my dream is to perform at the White House for president Trump.”

When it was pointed out that Trump, a dedicated and knowledgeable rhythm and blues aficionado, was a huge fan of the Godfather of Soul and always referred to him as the best R & B singer of all time.

“He’s hasn’t heard Blago,” said Blago.



Photo illustration by Ray Dougela