Washington (eTruePolitics) – Following widespread criticism of his Tuesday night Phoenix speech, in which he blamed the media for causing the country’s growing post-Charlottesville racial tensions, Trump took the dramatic step of inviting ‘selected press members’ to the White House this morning to “play cards and chew the fat,” according to a statement accompanying an official White House photograph of the meeting. The early morning Three-Card Monte game was, observers say, dominated by  Trump, who dealt every hand.

“Cards make the man,” said temporary WH Communications Director Hope Hicks , who advised the press not to bet against the president.

“Mr. Trump has never lost a game of Three-Card Monte,” Hicks added, after expressing concern she’d get some “heat from the Boss” for revealing Trump’s perfect record in the popular ‘confidence’ game.

“Mr. Trump, as everyone knows, doesn’t like to brag,” said Hicks.



Photo illustration by Ray Dougela