by Frank Coffey

Washington (eTruePolitics) – Note to Mike Pence: if you’re going to sing “Song of a Sycophant” you need to know the lyrics.

Donald Trump, current president (of the United States), is furious at another member of his administration. What else is new you might ask? Well this time Trump’s ire is directed at his most loyal ass kisser, Mike Pence, the current vice-president (of the United States).

Pence’s crime? Mixing up the words ‘bald” and “divisive” with the words “bold” and “decisive.” Confusing words is a mistake anyone could make.

That didn’t stop Trump from ordering a weeping Pence to leave the White House where he was instructed to enter – without sanitary wipes – an idling limo. There Pence sat for two hours, his plaintive cries heard throughout the West Wing, before Trump told aides to let the vp exit so that he could “resume his duties, whatever they are.”

“Thank you Mr. President,” said a kneeling Pence. “I’m puckered up and ready to do my doody.”


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela