“Soulless” New Yankee Stadium to be Razed, ‘Old’ Stadium Rebuilt

New York (eTrueSports) – In a surprising announcement, the Steinbrenner family, owners of the New York Yankees, responding to mounting public criticism, announced they would immediately begin rebuilding an exact duplicate of the ‘old Yankee’ stadium on its original grounds. When the new old stadium is completed the current “garish monstrosity” will be torn down, replaced with a state-of-the art athletics facility.

“They screwed up tearing down a national treasure and they know it,” said a source close to Hal Steinbrenner, the team’s principal owner. “The new Yankee Stadium is a soulless disaster and anyone who’s been there knows it.

“Takes a lot of guts on Hal’s part to admit the current joint is colossally ugly, a perfect example of grandiosity gone wild, a symbol of all that is wrong with professional sports.”