Washington (eTruePolitics) – He should  have gone Italian. In a surreal scene Friday night at The Dim Sons restaurant in the ritzy D.C. neighborhood of Kalorama, beleaguered presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner, after opening a fortune cookie which read: ‘Jared, a prison term soon awaits you,’ burst into tears in front of a room of shocked diners. before storming into the restaurant’s kitchen.

“I’ve never seen a grown man cry like that, ” said a restaurant employee who, fearful for his safety, asked not to be identified in order to speak to a reporter. “Then he stood up and demanded to be taken to the kitchen. Then  he spent two hours opening every fortune cookie in the kitchen.

“Every one of those fortunes read ‘Jared, a prison term soon awaits you,” said the staff member with a shrug.

According to sources familiar with the incident, a visibly angry Ivanka Trump waited at the table for five minutes and then stalked out of  the restaurant. Reportedly she left no tip.

The Dim Sons restaurant has “absolutely no affiliation with the Trump family,” a restaurant spokesman told eTruePolitics.



Photo illustration by Ray Dougela