Washington (eTruePolitics) – Sales of disgraced Trump spokesman Sean Spicer’s recently published memoir Dimwit are at “historically low” levels, a source close to the conservative publisher Regnery told eTruePolitics.  The grim news follows a devastating report in The New York Times detailing  the former White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s repeated lies to the American public.

“They literally can’t  give the book away,” said the publishing insider. “When Georgetown Prep refused a case of free books, that really started alarm bells ringing.

“Regnery thought the $2.99 price point – the lowest ever for a hardcover  from the right-wing publisher – represented a tremendous value. The public loudly disagreed.”

According to the American Bookseller’s Association year-to-date book sales for Dimwit, published January 1st, 2019, total 11 copies. The figures do not include e-book sales which are expected to be modest.

“I got my advance already,” said Spicer in a brief interview.



Photo illustration by Ray Dougela