by Frank Coffey –

Washington (eTruePolitics) – Dim bulbs can get dimmer? According to sources close to Sean Spicer the disgraced former Trump spokesman “begged, even cried” to be rehired by the White House in a desperate attempt to reboot his poorly received memoir, “Dimwit.”

Sales of the disgraced Spicer’s  Dimwit are at “historically low” levels, a source close to the conservative publisher Regnery told eTruePolitics.

“They literally can’t  give the book away,” said the publishing insider. “When Georgetown Prep refused a case of free books, that really started alarm bells ringing.

“Regnery thought the $2.99 price point – the lowest ever for a hardcover  from the right-wing publisher – represented a tremendous value. The public loudly disagreed.”

According to the American Bookseller’s Association year-to-date book sales for Dimwit, published January 1st, 2020, total 11 copies. The figures do not include e-book sales which are expected to be modest.

“I got my advance already,” shrugged Spicer in a brief interview.



Photo illustration by Ray Dougela