CNN Corey

New York (eTruePolitics) – CNN Worldwide President Jeff  Zucker is set to appoint fiery, trash-talking pundit and political adviser Corey Lewandowski as Managing Director of CNN, making him, in effect, head of the company’s news division, eTruePolitics has learned.

Zucker, sensitive to suggestions that CNN would become a subsidiary of The Trump Organization, attempted to create distance between CNN and Trump.

“Like many of us, Corey thinks Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric are despicable, entitled freaks,” Zucker said. “Trust us, we’ll play it straight with the Trumps. Really.”

“Trust me, Corey Lewandoswki ain’t taking directions from those scumbags,” said a source close to Lewandowski, who requested anonymity because he feared for his life.

“But, you won’t hear it from him. Corey’s way too classy for that.”

Stay tuned.

“We will never compromise our journalistic principles,” Zucker added. “But Corey will bring a fresh new thrust to our investigations of individuals who would thwart America’s march to a brighter future.”



Photo illustration by Ray Dougela