Ashland, KY (eTruePolitics) – It’s just what the Russians do. Critics are pointing to a proposed Russian-financed Kentucky aluminum processing plant as Moscow’s first use of economic leverage to sway American politics.

“Rubles are good,” said the state’s senior senator Mitch McConnell about the huge investment by Putin confidante and international pariah Oleg Deripaska in a new Kentucky firm run by McConnell supporter Craig Bouchard, CEO of Braidy Industries.

“Why anyone would think the Russians would meddle in our economy to try and influence American politics from the inside is beyond me,” explained McConnell. “I am very proud to make Kentucky the first Special Russian Economic Zone in America.”

“Kentucky known for horses, da?” said Deripaska. “So what better place to bring first Russian stalking horse to U.S.?”

Bouchard was enthusiastic about creating the country’s initial SREZ.

“We’re only going to speak English in The Zone,” said Bouchard. “At least, for the first couple of months.”


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela