Washington (eTruePolitics) – Current president Donald Trump announced today he and billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson were pulling out of their joint venture to build “Mt. Trumpmore Casino” on the site of the current Mt. Rushmore National Memorial in the Black Hills region of South Dakota. The two moguls said plans to add their likenesses to the iconic American sculpture overlooking the new casino were “on hold.”

“Even though Shelly and I are sick and tired of so-called Indians owning American casinos, due to fake news coverage of my amazing presidency, we have decided to delay the opening of Mt. Trumpmore Casino,” said Trump.

Trump added that his ongoing negative publicity wasn’t the only issue facing the moguls, pointing to Mt. Trumpmore’s location in the Black Hills. “That name could attract the wrong element,” Trump explained.

Deciding to delay adding their own heads to the Mt. Rushmore sculpture was a difficult financial decision, Trump added, pointing to the loss of income to the flailing and failing Federal government.

“You know what visitors pay to get into Mt. Rushmore now? Zero, nothing!” Trump thundered. “Shel and I would be the best looking busts up there, especially mine, and we could charge visitors $20 bucks to get in. Maybe $30. Fake News hurts America!

“When we do get up and running, probably by the summer when these preposterous sex stories quiet down, Michael Cohen will be a silent partner in Mt. Trumpmore,” added Trump. “I never forget my friends.”


Photo illustrations by Ray Dougela