by Frank Coffey

Washington (eTruePolitics) – Supreme Court nominee Amy Barrett has reportedly assured current president D.J. Trump that since his name does not appear anywhere in the Constitution he can never be convicted of anything.

“This is SO GREAT,” Trump tweeted. “As soon as Amy is confirmed – and isn’t she a babe? – I can take my trusty AR-15 – NOT MENTIONED IN THE CONSTITUTION!!! – to the next press conference, blow away dozens of FAKE NEWS MAGGOTS and then PARDON myself!!!”

A so-called “originalist” interpreter of the Constitution, Barrett had previously assured her GOP fellow-travelers that it is not her job to interpret the intention of the founders when they wrote the Constitution.

“It is what it is,” said Barrett, who in her confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee refused to address “hypothetical” questions including whether it was okay to reinstitute slavery, delay national elections or take away a woman’s right to vote.

“My husband tells me what to do,” said Barrett, “not the Constitution.”


Photo @Washington Examiner