Yankee Stadium empty seats 3

Indigents Welcome

New York (eTrueSports) – After enduring weeks of unwanted television coverage showing scores of empty luxury box seats at Yankee games – caused, the team claims, by wealthy fans abandoning their seats to watch big-screen TV’s in high-end restaurants – the Yankees announced ‘The Yankee Seat-Fillers Club’ to tackle the increasingly embarrassing ‘naked seat’ situation.

Similar to a long standing Oscars ceremony program, the Yankees will let fans apply as seat-fillers allowing them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to temporarily sit in the actual seats of rich people.

“We’re giving YSFC preference to indigents,” said Yankees COO Leon Trost, “as long as they don’t smell.”

Yankee seat-fillers will each receive a free soda voucher and a facsimile ticket stub for the luxury seat they were fortunate enough to occupy, albeit briefly.