Los Angeles (eTruePolitics) – Current president Donald Trump’s Apprentice producer, Mark Burnett, is pitching a new project, a spin-off of wife Roma Downey’s former hit series Touched by an Angel, in which Burnett will have, for the first time, a starring role in front of the camera. Burnett will share a ‘created by’ credit for Touched by a Traitor with Mr. Trump who reportedly will script the pilot episode. Trump and Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin will executive produce.

Burnett was previously in business with Putin on a turn of the century project which involved turning the Russian Mir space station into a reality TV show in outer space called Destination Mir.

“Putin is involved,” Burnett boasted at the time.

The project was shelved when the trouble-plagued Mir space station was deemed unsafe.

According to sources close to Burnett talks have broken down with Special Counsel Robert Mueller about a Touched by a Traitor advisory role.

“He wouldn’t play ball,” said the source who called Mueller “impossible to deal with.”



Photo illustration by Ray Dougela