Palm Beach, FL (eTruePolitics) – If life wasn’t difficult enough for Donald Trump now come reports that he is unable to afford his daily testosterone supplement. Sources close to Nugenix, the ‘Testosterone Booster’ sold over the counter and primarily marketed to aging men to enhance their flagging sexual lives, revealed that the former president is “grossly behind” on his seven-figure Nugenix’s bill, adding that Trump’s use of Nugenix was “excessive.”

Nugenix’s two national spokesmen, fading B-list celebrities Frank Thomas and Doug Flutie, were said to be “deeply disappointed” in their former friend.

“They gave him a killer deal, practically wholesale,” said one source close the two embarrassed endorsers, “and now he’s welching? The guys feel like schmucks.”

“No more Nugenix?” giggled a source close to former first lady Melania Trump. “This is a dream come true for her.”