Palm Beach, FL (eTruePolitics) -“Donald Trump’s Bible Bedtime Stories”, a new prayer podcast produced by “PillowTalk”, a just launched division of Trump Media & Technology Group, will be the ex-president’s first foray into voice-over work in what promises to become a media empire. Inspired by the central figure in the old Testament, Moses J. Trump, and read by Mr. Trump, the podcast is designed to help his MAGA followers fall asleep at night.

“Insomnia is rampant in the Maga community,” a psychiatrist, who declined to give her name because she feared for her life, told eTruePolitics. “After all, they’ve got a lot to answer for.”

“I can’t wait to fall asleep with Donald again,” bubbled Stormy Daniels, a professional dancer/actress  and former companion of the ex-president.  “He’s better than Ambien.”

According to a spokesman for PillowTalk, “Donald Trump’s Bedtime Bible Stories will make you rest better, fall asleep faster, and wake up more devoted in our holy mission to support, always and ever, Mr. Trump. Amen.”