Washington (eTruePolitics) – He should  have gone Italian. In a surreal scene Wednesday night at The Dim Sons restaurant in the ritzy D.C. neighborhood of Kalorama, beleaguered presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner, after opening a fortune cookie which read: ‘Jared, a prison term awaits you,’ burst into tears in front of a room of shocked diners before storming into the restaurant’s kitchen.

“Kushner spent two hours opening every fortune cookie in the kitchen,” said a restaurant employee who, fearful for his safety, asked not to be identified in order to speak to a reporter. “Ivanka, looking embarrassed and angry, sat at the table for about five minutes and stalked out. No tip, of course.

“Every one of those fortunes read ‘Jared, a prison term soon awaits you,’ added the staff member. “Never seen a grown man cry like that before.”

The Dim Sons restaurant has no affiliation with the Trump family,  a restaurant spokesman told eTruePolitics.



Photo illustration by Ray Dougela