New York (eTruePolitics) – “Steve deserves it,” said Donald Trump in revealing Republican plans for a statue in New York Harbor honoring his beleaguered long time advisor convicted today for contempt of congress.  A spokesman for the former president said that Trump hoped “Steve would be able to see the statue from whatever cell he ends up in.”

Revealing the plans now for the new “Statue of Anarchy” was said to be a “cheer-up” message from Trump to MAGA-leader Bannon who is facing four months jail time for criminal contempt by defying a Congressional subpoena.

The gesture is said to have indeed lightened Bannon’s mood which associates said is “beyond foul.” Bannon has long detested Frederic Auguste Bartholdi’s Statue of Liberty sculpture, an 1886 gift from France, which, he has never tired of repeating was originally called ‘Liberty Enlightening the World,’ a description Bannon characterizes “as nauseating as it gets.”

“Mr. Bannon really, really hates the French,” said a Trump aide.

“IT’S GOING TO BE THE BIGGEST STATUE EVER!” Trump wrote on his social media outlet.





Photo illustration by Ray Dougela