Venice, CA (eTruePolitics) – “Thwack-A-Traitor” is the latest prank from ArtAct, the political activist group that has previously enraged the current president by temporarily replacing “Trump Tower” signage on the president’s Fifth Ave. residence with a “Treason Tower” art installation. Thwack-A-Traitor game rentals are already in hundreds of bars, restaurants and student centers across California, where the game was introduced this week.

From the manufacturer: “THWACK-A-TRAITOR: A 1-2 player game based on the classic arcade game where traitors pop out and you whack them. Play against the clock or against a friend. Features lights and sounds and loads of fun.”

And the creative folks at ArtAct say they are just getting started with “Thwack-A-Traitor,” announcing two new games in the series: “Thwack-A-Traitor II: The Moron President Edition”  and “Thwack-A-Traitor III: The Fox News Pundit Edition,” featuring Sean Hannity and Jeanine Piro.

“We’ve found that many of our players are breaking their mallets on Jeanine Piro’s head,” said a manufacturer’s rep for ArtAct, “which the company will replace free of charge.”


Photo illustrations by Ray Dougela