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Washington, D.T., (eTruePolitics) –  Turning national landmarks into hotels has become a ‘thing’ for the Trump Organization. A profitable thing.

Most recently, Washington’s Old Post Office became Trump International Hotel.  Now it’s the iconic Capitol Building’s turn, which will become ‘Trump International Hotel Bigly Dome Annex.’

“We’ll have great viewing areas above the House and Senate chambers so hotel guests can watch Congress go at it,” said President Donald Trump in announcing the new hotel deal. “Of course, we’ll need more punching, cursing, eye-gouging and chair throwing to make it great entertainment and we’ve got MMA fighters coming in to help out. We’ll get there.”

The President pointed out that the new ‘Bigly Dome Annex’ would be a financial win for all parties.

“Everybody keeps saying, ‘The Mall, The Mall,’ but I don’t see any mall out there,” added Mr. Trump. “So we’re gonna make a mall. THE BEST MALL EVER! Gucci, Armani and an Ivanka Flagship store. People will love it!

“Ever try to park in Washington? Totally nuts,” Trump explained. “But look, we got a HUGE lawn on the capitol property. Holds 500 cars easy. At $200 bucks a day, that’s real money.

“And we will definitely be donating a portion of all proceeds to a charity.”


Photo illustration and reporting by Ray Dougela