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  • World’s Shortest Book: “The Wit & Wisdom of Marjorie Taylor Greene”

  • Hershel Walker, a Georgia Republican candidate for Senate, abruptly withdrew an invitation to Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to campaign with him at an upcoming Atlanta rally. “I can’t afford to be embarrassed,” explained Walker.

  • A rally in Atlanta supporting Senate candidate Hershel Walker was dispersed without incident by Fulton County police early Tuesday evening. “Neither of them had their hearts in it,” explained a security guard outside Walker’s campaign headquarters.

  • Clarence Thomas will reportedly resign his Supreme Court seat to join My Pillow as Vice-President of Napping. “I’m a fathead and need a firm pillow,” explained Thomas in the lengthiest written statement he has issued since joining the Court in 1991.

  • Known as a non-drinker former president Donald Trump has taken up the grape. “Nothing like a coupla glasses of Pinot Aggrievio after a long day of whining,” Trump told eTruePolitics.

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